Shimmer and Shine

Brigitte Waldach: Schimmer und Glanz
Marta Award by the Wemhöner Foundation 2020
Museum Marta Herford
20.09.20 – 17.01.21

Brigitte Waldach engages intensively with phenomena of cultural and contemporary history. In her series, “History Now”, she gives us a fascinating look into the joint writing process of the digital encyclopaedia Wikipedia: historical figures such as Adolf Hitler, Hannah Arendt or Franz Kafka dissolve as barely discernible apparitions in the clouds of this text production.

The “Goldberg-Variations” by J. S. Bach inspired Waldach to create a 32-part drawing cycle which she translates into the three-dimensional for the first time in the Marta Herford as a walk-in installation: in an endless mirror room of tensions and sensations, visitors experience the musical structures as a spectacular composition of space, sound and light.

Schimmer und Glanz, 2020
Installation View
Museum Marta Herford