Shimmer and Shine

Spatial Drawing with sound:
Wall drawing, mirror, rubber bands, chains, foil:
Museum Marta Herford:

In this installation, Shimmer and Shine (Schimmer und Glanz), we enter a cross-like spatial structure whose two mirrored walls facing each other seem to suspend the external boundaries. By contrast, the chains of pearls hanging vertically in a precise pattern repeatedly suggest the reflective edges of (absent) panes of glass or mirrors. In the transverse axis is a red space of the past characterized by the notation pattern and the sound of Bach’s Aria, positioned opposite a silver space of the future in which the thirty-two variations are dematerialized and above all liberate themselves from their strict structure.

This creates an almost synesthetic space, which projects the sound translated into drawing into the three-dimensional realm, where it can be heard again. Not only are a historical composition in the large-scale referential drawings by an artist reflected, but all these works are also reflected in themselves. After all, reflections aren’t simply doublings; they are inversions that can bring the world into balance, completing the one with the other. Seen from one angle, reflections can increase the disorder of the world, but from a different angle they suddenly produce an overview and structure, make complexity as such physically perceptible—and thus palpable.

Roland Nachtigäller

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