15 × 4 × 3,50:
Spatial drawing with 3 channel sound, rubberbands, light:
Bo Bjerggaard Gallery, Copenhagen:

The spatial drawing “Pathos” connects the two actual exhibition rooms and transcends them.
In the last room, which is darkened, the light inside the wall drawing emanates from the sketchy outlines of a Gothic rosette and its cathedral interior. The light that would ordinarily enter from the outside is artificially created by means of a spotlight. This concentrated beam of light then proceeds into the space in the form of gray rubber bands; some of the bands seem to penetrate the wall and finally, like reflected light, deflect from the ceiling oft he middle space to become carriers of religious symbols and secular signs of everyday culture before a wall drawing of a forest. Another component oft he multimedia installation ist the overall sound that augments the space-based work: in three-track sound in the back room, we hear the music of The Doors („The End“) playing quietly, whispered texts in the middle room.