Exhausted Clichés (diptych), 2017
Graphite, gouache, pigment pen on handmade paper
190 × 420 cm
Wemhöner Collection, Herford, Berlin

Exhausted Clichés, 2017

In his book of short stories “Brief Interviews with Hideous Men,” David Foster Wallace describes the world as a “third nature.” He constructs it as talk, as pervasive chatter with which even our most personal dreams are intertwined.
Here in the soulscape of the forest, which has also become a cliché in the cultural landscape, a web of compulsion, desire, and love is rampant in the undergrowth, a power struggle between a man and a woman. David Foster Wallace describes modern distractions and recreational opportunities on the one hand, and monotony and boredom on the other, as fictional records of our everyday communication.
In nature, life always finds a way.