The Gap Between Past and Future (Future and Past), 2014

Edition: 35
76 cm × 56 cm
three-colour lithograph with hand-written text and dusted with graphite powder
Collaborating printed by Keystone Edition

Future, 2014

Past, 2014

The Gap – Future and Past

These two editions examine Hannah Arendt’s philosophical essay entitled “Thinking”. The primary focus of this piece is “Where are we when we think?”.
The first of this pair of lithographs shows a female figure moving through a graphite grey grassy meadow in a, as yet undefined, white “future”.
The second image swaps the white background for a black one creating a visual echo of the first motif. The figure stands within a landscape, the „black” past behind her.
The landscape merges slowly into the background. Words are floating in both times, future and past.
Each image is printed in an edition of 35, yet each impression is also unique, as after printing was completed I added individual phrases from a chapter of the book.
The two pieces can be seen as a diptych but they stand equally alone.
If we were able to look at these complete editions as a combined whole, we would have my personal summary of the chapter „The Gap between Past and Future” from Hannah Arendt’s essay “Thinking”.