Instinct / Distanz Publishing Company / Berlin

Brigitte Waldach – Instinct

German / English
20 x 29 cm
94 pages, 90 images
Softcover with elastic strap
limited edition
ISBN 978-3-95476-249-1
Release: April 2018
€ 44,00 / £ 40,00 / $ 68,00

The gap between the past and the future

Brigitte Waldach (born 1966 in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin) became known for her wall-sized graphite drawings, which frequently contain literary quotes. Her intellectual, contemplative, poetic explorations into the present day are attempts at communication, but also hints at the temporal nature of our existence. Her new publication Instinct is a kind of visual diary, a kind of protocol of a regained pleasure in drawing freely and in the immediacy of visual expression. It contains sketches, most of them subtly ironic figurative images augmented by handwritten terms. Added to this are visual associations, people drawn with elongated limbs or strange bodily extensions, faceless portraits, and affects translated into line drawings. The sequence of images consists of 90 drawings made in graphite on handmade paper in 2016 and 2017, reproduced here slightly reduced in size. Text by Christoph Tannert.