Curitiba Biennale

Architect Daniel Liebeskind about EXISTENZ

Brigitte Waldach’s installation Existence at the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus in Osnabrück is truly an inspiring one. The technique of stringing together cables to produce projected images is as stunning as it is thought provoking. She takes the architecture as a world that is penetrable by forces that go far beyond the building and creates her own light and shadows to illuminate the opacity of walls. The effect is profoundly moving because each line is a vector whose origin is unknown but whose destination we can see. At the same time, the flattened world itself corrodes the planes upon which it falls and continues to expand its energy towards a future that is as obscure as the past is irreversible. Brigitte Waldach has created a stunning, original, and highly specific work that brings Felix Nussbaum’s spirit to an unexpected rebirth in a museum dedicated to him.