Art Düsseldorf 2018

Art Düsseldorf, November 16-18, 2018
Bo Bjerggaard Gallery
Morning and Evening

A cabin floats in the left part of the diptych, completely detached in the universe. It is a place where our earthly life begins and ends, a symbol of human habitation, a site of birth and death. We also find this plot in the novel Morning and Evening by the Norwegian author Jon Fosse, which is quoted here in the drawing in excerpts.

Also incorporated into the graphite background are the symbols for Venus and Mars, which I have merged into a single emblem, as well as the word “silence,” translated into Morse code.

Morning and Evening, 2018
graphite, gouache on handmade paper, Diptych
185 × 280 cm

Other works

Leitmotif, 2018
graphite, gouache on handmade paper
146 × 140 cm

Matrix, 2018
graphite, gouache on handmade paper
146 × 140 cm